Vim Syntax Highlighting for Rails

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A couple of days I updated the font settings in on my mac. It’s now in line with textmate using Anti-Aliased 14 point DejaVu Sans mono.

I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty.

Now I want to get my vim syntax highlighting to mirror that in Textmate. My vim doesn’t currently understand rhtml. I also want it to use the same colorscheme (Sunburst) that my Textmate is using.Who will join my quest?

update big response from the lists.

Install rails.vim so it will recognize .rhtml files. It also touts “easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more”

Install vividchalk.vim, a colorscheme like Vibrant Ink for Textmate. Apparently it has a 16 color mode for remote terminal support. I still want to find Sunburst but at least I could always make one based on this.

The Rails Wiki has a page on HowtoUseVimWithRails

Stay tuned!