How to use deprec-1 when deprec-2 gem is released

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[2013-12-19 I’ve not done any work on deprec in the past few years]

deprec-2 preview has been available at for a while now and is quite stable. When I release it as a new version of the deprec gem it’s going to cause users of deprec-1 to see errors. I recommend using deprec-2 for new installations but understand that some people will want to continue using deprec-1 for legacy systems. In preparation for release of deprec-2.0.0 I’ve some minor modifications so that deprec1 and deprec2 co-exist on the same machine.

To continue using deprec-1.x, install deprec-1.9.3:

$ sudo gem install --version 1.9.3 deprec

Update your projects deploy.rb:

require 'rubygems'
gem 'deprec', '< 1.99'
require 'deprec'

Adding the following to your .caprc will load the correct version of deprec based on the version of Capistrano you’re using:

require 'rubygems'
gem 'deprec', '< 1.99' unless respond_to?(:namespace)
gem 'deprec', '>= 2.0.0' if respond_to?(:namespace)
require 'deprec'

You can call capistrano 1 with the command:

cap _1.4.2_ show_tasks

or create an alias by putting the following in your .profile:

alias cap1="`which cap` _1.4.2_"

This will allow you to use the following:

cap1 show_tasks

If everything’s working you’ll see the deprec tasks listed.