EC2 Outage: Pimp my Fail

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Amazon are reporting degraded performance for some volumes in a single AZ in the us-east-1 region.

Twitter has lit up with complaints. An amusing one referred to “Amazons Elastic SLA”. Overheard in the office “The Cloud’s down! Does that mean it’s sunny?”

Fire Drill for the Cloud or You’re Doing it Wrong

Some pretty high profile websites are timing out which seems to indicate we’re not the only ones to have failed to take advantage of the high availability made possible by the AWS service stack.

More concerning though is the lack of design effort put into their error pages.

Take a Lesson from the Masters

GitHub put the fun back into fail, like the sound effects on TV’s Funniest Home Videos.

My all time favourite 404 page captures the awkward embarrassment on an unsatisfiable request.