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Right-sizing your AWS Lambdas

4 minute read

I was recently able to reduce the cost of one of our serverless applications by more than half by reducing the memory allocated to the lambdas.

Don’t Buck the System, Change it

3 minute read

I don’t consider myself a Buddhist but attest to their belief that “Life is Suffering”. Not all of it all the time, but there’s always some waiting. To some...

Semantic CloudFormation Parameter Values

2 minute read

Here’s a pure Cloudformation solution to two annoyances I encounter when managing AWS CloudFormation Parameters. It allows you to optionally specify exported...

Smoking: Prevention & Treatment

1 minute read

When it comes to life threatening situations, prevention and treatment serve different purposes and importantly, different populations.

How to Save Money

2 minute read

Are you price conscious in your everyday spending? A lot of us aren’t for the basic reason that it consumes brain cycles for little percieved reward. Quittin...

Truth about Edinburgh Gardens NYE

3 minute read

What happens when more 15,000 revellers converge on an inner city Melbourne park to ring in the new year with no perimeter fencing, byo drugs/alcohol and jus...

Fun with Retinal Burns

1 minute read

Disclaimer: Don’t look at any bright light source. It may damage your eyes!

Vagrant notes

less than 1 minute read

I’m a massive fan of Vagrant’s command line virtualisation goodness. This post is me trying to find a public place for my vagrant notes to rest (I couldn’t f...

EC2 Outage: Pimp my Fail

less than 1 minute read

Amazon are reporting degraded performance for some volumes in a single AZ in the us-east-1 region.

Lost Dogs Home Cry Poor

2 minute read

[Update] The ABC have acknowledged that the Lost Dogs Home does actually get funding from government.

RVM in Production

1 minute read

[update] Aussie Rubyists are discussing this on